Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Break

So I finally got a break to sit down and write a blog. Life has been busy with lots of good things going on, but I've still been able to get in some fishing.
It's a New Year, and that means ice fishing. After a stellar start to fall musky fishing, it was a quiet finish to 2014. The last two muskies I hooked both came unglued, and trips got a fewer and further between as work, school and the holidays made life a lot busier.
Matt and I were supposed to be fishing the Allegheny River for muskies in Western, PA this past week. Unfortunately, however, the cold snap forced our guide to call the trip as some of his spots iced-up and he became concerned for the safety of the muskies in the bitter cold.
Since Matt and I still had our hearts set on fishing, and both had time off from work, we decided to pound the ice here in Northern New Jersey and get 2015 started off on the right foot.
And we did.
Enjoy the pictures...................