Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweetwater Reunion

Mike A. with a nice bass.

When: Wednesday, September 10th, from 6:30am to 4pm
What: Fishing with Mike A.
Weather: Mostly sunny, bluebird skies with some clouds in the afternoon. 59 degrees warmed to 76, winds calm to variable to NE at 5 and SW at 5.
Barometric Pressure: 30.14in fell slightly to 30.08 in the afternoon.
Relative Humidity: Low of 52%
Sunrise: 6:33am
Sunset: 7:16pm
Moon: Waning, 2 days after full. Set 8:21am, Underfoot 2:21pm.
Water Conditions: Good clarity, temp n/a, healthy weeds.

Life has been a little busy, and although it's a good busy, I've been a little slow in getting reports up.

Mike is my closest and longest childhood friend, and although life took us in different directions, we reconnected about a year or so ago when he was looking to move from Hoboken to Lake Hopatcong.

I hadn't seen Mike in a couple years when we sat down for babaganoush at Ali Baba's last summer and it was good to get caught-up. Lately, we've been doing a lot more catching up. I've made the trip to Hopatcong a few times since he landed at The Big Lake and been lucky enough to watch him do something remarkable - get his Dad's Ranger cleaned-up and running. There's no doubt in my mind that Mr. A is looking down and smiling now that it's getting some consistent use again.

But Mike and I still hadn't done any fishing together in probably 15 years and that was too long.

We finally pinned down a day and when I met him at Lee's at 6am on Wednesday, the boat was already in the water and Mike was ready to go.

Weather conditions were not what I considered optimal for fishing, but we sure gave it hell.

Between what Mike had already figured out on the lake and the couple spots I showed him, he put together a bag that probably would've won a tournament had there been one.

The only thing that found the hooks of my musky lures was a kamikaze pickerel, and since I hadn't caught a fish in a couple weeks, I was happy to have it.

We kept at it for awhile, but as conditions seemed to be improving, I had to head to class.

This was one of the cooler fishing experiences I've had in awhile. Mike did an amazing job with his father's boat, and it is in stellar condition, despite possibly being older than I am, or at least pretty close.

Most of all, it was nice to finally wet a line with my buddy again.

I think we'll be doing that plenty more times.


  1. Looks like it was a good day all around! Looking forward to more articles about The Big Lake!

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