Monday, August 18, 2014

Allegheny River Take III

The Middle Allegheny River, which starts at the outflow of the Kinzua Dam, will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where I caught my first big musky and where, during a December 2011 shoot for Field and Stream's "Hook Shots" with Joe C., I officially caught the musky bug. 

With water temperatures high in New Jersey these days, Joe L. and I decided to take a road trip and fish the Allegheny River for a couple days with guide, Red Childress. Red is as classy of a guide as the come and I always know what to expect from him: hard work and an intricate knowledge of the river. 

Joe and I showed up a day early to do some shore fishing, and between casting from the bank and fishing with Red, we put together a decent catch. Enjoy the pics, and if you're interested in trophy pike, musky, trout or walleye fishing on a beautiful river swarming with bald eagles, hawks and ospreys, be sure to check out Red's website and learn a little about the river and what he does up there.

Allegheny Guide Service

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