Monday, July 7, 2014

Lazy Sunday Morning

Joe with one of two nice Union County
largemouth he caught on a lazy Sunday morning.

When: Sunday, June 29th, from 5am to 11am
What: Carp fishing and bass fishing with Joe
Weather: Warm and sunny with clear, high skies. Wind calm to variable at 3mph and SW at 3mph. Temps in the high 60's.
Barometric Pressure: 30.25in.
Relative Humidity: 70% down to 64%
Sunrise: 5:29am
Sunset: 8:32pm
Moon: Waxing, 2 days after new. New. Rise 7:45am.
Water Conditions: Stained at both locales. Low tide at 5:15am on the river.

Even though Joe pulled out two nice bass at the buzzer today, I couldn't help but notice this was my second straight trip without a fish.

I definitely got a bit spoiled, with the last month being one of the best fishing months of my life. It's been almost six weeks since I've gone two consecutive trips without a fish. Turtles don't count.

But it's always a pleasure getting out, and especially seeing friends catch fish. For awhile I didn't think we were going to score anything today, but Joe turned that around with a spinnerbait in the final moments.

We decided to stay close to home on Sunday morning, and picked out a spot to do some carp fishing and try for bass while we waited for a run-off. True to form, my hot spot was covered in carp, many of which were breaking the surface. However, for whatever reason, they just did not seem to want to eat. Or at least they did not want to eat what we were offering.

This was the second carp trip in a row that fish seemed to be everywhere but on our hooks.

We sat it out for almost 3 hours, then decided to try another spot. The next produced the same number of carp, but now, we didn't even see any signs of life.

We sat it out for another hour and then decided to try one last spot.

The next spot didn't look any more promising, but there were some sparse weeds that looked perfect for spinnerbait fishing.

So Joe tied one on, and first

He landed it, we took a couple pics and repeated the same process a few minutes later.

Both were solid fish, especially for a pressured Union County pond. And I got to put a picture up on my report instead of another sob story of getting skunked, or turtled.

Still, I couldn't help but notice that I'm fishless in the last two outings.

Hopefully that changes soon.

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