Saturday, June 28, 2014

Testing The Water

When: Sunday, June 22nd, from 6am to 11am
What: Musky fishing with Joe C.
Weather: Cooler and partly cloudy to overcast. Wind calm to E at 3mph.  High of 73.
Barometric Pressure: 29.93in rose to 29.97in.
Relative Humidity: 86% down to 56%
Sunrise: 5:30am
Sunset: 8:32pm
Moon: Waning, 3 days after the Last Quarter. Overhead 9:11am.
Water Conditions: Crystal clear, between 75 and 76 degrees.

You definitely can't win 'em all, especially in musky fishing.

My musky outings have been very successful of late, so I guess I was due for a fishless day. Even at that, and even on a new body of water, Joe and I had high hopes we could get bit.

And we almost did.

Well, we did, but we didn't catch any.

I scooped Joe up in the AM and we headed not too far from his home in PA to a deep, gin-clear lake that is supposed to have some not too tiny tiger muskies. We knew that not many people fish this lake for skis, and with less fishing pressure, the muskies can be more willing to bite.

The one huge drawback of this lake was the lack of structure. I had done some research and knew what to expect, but was still surprised at the complete lack of weeds in the lake. Muskies love weeds, and without them, they can be tricky to find.

And they were.

The main "structure" in this lake was steep break from 3 feet of water down to as much as 30 feet. With this being the only thing to go on, we kept the boat positioned within casting distance of the drop-off and proceeded to cast towards it. I started off with a glider that I let fall through the water column, and Joe tried his luck with the fly rod.

This game was well out of my norm for musky fishing, but I still felt confident.

I felt even more confident when a small tiger musky crunched on my lure in the first 30 minutes of fishing. Unfortunately, it didn't find any hooks. Small fish are hard to stick sometimes.

A few hours later, Joe had a follow from a good fish on the fly. We hit that same area a couple more times, but it never came back.

Unfortunately, except for some surface activity on the way back to the launch, that would be all the action for the day.

We both had some stuff to do, and this was a planned "short session."

Even without any fish, we were pretty intrigued by this place. There is something to be said for moving 2 muskies on a brand new body of water in just a few hours, and even without any weeds, Joe and I put a pretty good idea together of where to look for fish.

We will definitely be back.

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