Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting It Done

Joe with a beautiful fish.

When: Thursday, June 12th, from 5am to 3pm
What: Musky fishing with Joe
Weather: Overcast and foggy with misting and light showers. High of 66. Wind calm to variable at 3mph.
Barometric Pressure: 30.03in to 30.07in to 29.99in
Relative Humidity: Low of 87%
Sunrise: 5:28am
Sunset: 8:31pm
Moon: Full. Set 5:07am. Underfoot 12:33pm. Rise 8:00pm.
Water Conditions: Lakes partly to mostly stained. Close to 70 degrees.

In almost a month to the day, Joe and I will be heading to the Mecca of musky fishing, Lake St. Clair. We're both getting pretty stoked to go, but there's still musky to be caught here before that happens.

I've been able to get out on the water a lot more than Joe so far this year, so I was all about seeing him bag a "ski" when we met to do some fishing on Thursday.

Turns out we both got one.

I hit the water at 5am and Joe joined me an hour later. In the hour before he got there, I didn't see many signs of life except for one musky porpoising. I urged Joe to take the front of the boat to get the first shot at the fish, but at first he insisted that I stay up there.

But only at first.

After only 30 or so minutes of fishing, I put one in the bag.

After that, Joe was a little more receptive to hopping up front.

We had a ton of follows over the next 4 hours, but we couldn't get one to eat. We were also getting a little tired of casting to the same water, and started talking about making the move to another locale.

We did, and it paid off.

It was the same story at first, moving fish but not getting them to commit. Joe needed to hit the road at 2:30pm, and by 2pm we were hitting our last bit of shoreline heading back towards the ramp. That's when I heard...........


This wasn't a follow, Joe was up on the deck with his rod doubled-over and a musky was thrashing at the side of the boat. I wasn't in a position to net it from the port side, so Joe let me know he was bringing it around the other side. As he dragged the fish around the bow, the net was waiting for him and I slipped his first musky of 2014 into the bag.

Needless to say Joe was pretty stoked.

It always cool to see your friend get a fish, it's always nice to catch one yourself and it's great when one of those things happens on your own boat. So this day was a banner day, to say the least. Good times JoeLo, let's do it again soon.

Here's one last parting shot of Joe's fish for you.

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