Sunday, June 1, 2014

End Of A Dry Spell

A "mid-teen" carp caught close to home.

When: Friday, May 30th from 5am to 6pm
What: Striper fishing with Joe, carp fishing alone
Weather: Kinda warm and partly cloudy.
Barometric Pressure: 30.11in fell to 29.97in
Relative Humidity: As low as 40%
Sunrise: 5:28am
Sunset: 8:22pm
Moon: Waxing, a day and a half after the new moon. Rise 7:10am. Overhead 2:35pm. Set 9:55pm.
Water Conditions: Ocean temp 57 degrees, river low-tide was 4:20pm

I hadn't caught a fish in two weeks.

While that might seem like not such a big deal for some people, it is for me. Especially when I've been fishing a whole lot lately. I was beginning to think I was cursed. Heck, I even washed my hat thinking it might have some bad vibes on it.

Joe and I broke Barnegat Inlet at 5am on Friday. So I've been up since 1:30am. We scoured the sea from Harvey Cedars to Seaside Heights in search of bunker, but found none. After trying some trolling, we were back at the dock at 10am.

On our way in, we found out the bite had gone off 5 more miles to the north in Lavalette. We would have easily taken the ride had known that in the morning, but alas, we did not.

Determined to break my bad luck streak, I made the trip back up the Parkway and stopped home for my carp gear. I then hit a spot I found the day before in hopes of catching one of the 40 million carp I saw there.

But of course, the carp were gone.

Or at least it seemed that way.

I sat it out for two hours, but only saw a few fish swim by. As I was starting to contemplate how I chalked up another failure, and tried to figure out why I could not catch a fish, I heard a delicious sound.

My baitrunner was screaming as a carp had picked-up my offering off the bottom. I lifted the rod from the holder and set the hook.

Fish on.

The small carp gave a spirited fight, and although it was small (7 or 8 pounds) I was happy just to have a fish.

Thirty minutes later the other rod went off, and this one was not so tiny. After an even better fight, I slipped the net under a 15-pound fish and laid it on the mat on the shore.

Repeating the same process as the first, I unhooked it, did a couple quick self-timed photos with my camera on the tripod and let it go.

The last two hours were quiet, but I had my victory.

It's good to know I'm not cursed heading into a big week next week. Let's hope this streak continues and not the last one.

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