Friday, May 2, 2014

Passaic River Pickerel

Awkward pose, big pickerel.

When: Tuesday, April 29th, from 2pm to 4:30pm
Where: The Passaic River
What: Fishing Joe L.
Weather: Cold, overcast, windy with a slight drizzle. Wind SE at 17mph and gusting to 22mph.
Barometric Pressure: 30.37in
Relative Humidity: 82%
Sunrise: 5:58am
Sunset: 7:51pm
Moon: New
Water Conditions: Gauge height 3.90 feet at Chatham. Water was very stained, more than normal.

Well, I caught a fish this week. Good thing, I thought I was starting to lose my touch.

Tuesday night was the Muskies Inc meeting up in Denville, so Joe and I drove up together and decided to hit the Passaic for a few hours on the way.

It was raining a bit when we got there, the banks were muddy and the river was a little high, but it was still fishable and we were sure as heck going to fish it.

We didn't land any of the pike that were were hoping for, but this nice pickerel did smack my spinnerbait.

There really isn't much more of a report. It was a short trip.

Have a great day!!