Friday, May 16, 2014

Call It A "Comeback"

"Just shy" of 40 inches.

When: Thursday, May 15th
What: Musky fishing with Jim
Weather: Foggy, cloudy and breezy and rainy at times. Wind calm to variable and SW at 7mph and gusting to 20mph at times.
Barometric Pressure: 30.18in fell to 30.08in.
Relative Humidity: 80-100% all day.
Sunrise: 5:41am
Sunset: 8:09pm
Moon: Waning, just after full. Set 6:25am. Underfoot 1:49pm. Rise 9:14pm.
Water Conditions: Partly to moderately stained. Main lakes temps 60-61 and as warm as 65-66 in the shallow.

First off, thanks to Jim D for a great day of fishing. We tried to figure out what the muskies were doing for our big event (Musky School) on Saturday, but we only found out what one them was doing.

This was one of the cooler fish that I have caught solely based on how it all went down.

After a long day quiet morning, Jim and I were just about to make another move when, just like two weeks earlier, a decision was made that changed the outcome of the day.

We had struggled finding weeds to fish, and thought that the ones we were sitting on deserved one more drift. The fact that the wind was pushing into the area that we were fishing made us even more confident we should give it some more time.

So we did.

And we scored.

I was in the process of telling Jim a story when this fish interrupted me mid-sentence. Unfortunately, it didn't succeed in finding any on the hooks on my crankbait, and although I would have liked to keep working my lure to see if it would hit again, the lure was fouled and all I was able to do was skim it over the surface.

I politely asked Jim if I could continue the story in a moment, I took the lure out of the water, unwrapped the braid from around the hooks and took another cast to the same spot.

Then.......twitch, twitch....bang.

This time there was no question it had found the hooks. The rod doubled over and Jim reached for the net. After a little maneuvering, we had the fish.

A couple of friends were on the water too and it seemed to be very slow, so it was great that Jim and I were able to team-up and score a musky.

Hopefully we can score again on Saturday.

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