Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Name This Fish

If anyone can tell me what this is and back it up with photo evidence I will send you a musky lure (not one I've actually caught fish on, to the lower 48 states, up to 4 weeks processing). Lindsay caught it on a MirroLure in a brackish water tributary to the Caribbean in Costa Rica. That's all I know. Oh, and the gardner told me it was a "ronca," but I couldn't find anything on The Google. If you don't have ability to comment on here, try to get the ability by "following." If not, send your answer to


  1. This is an American silver perch, and you can search google with those words for photographic evidence. The fin shapes and scale formation all match, and the mouth shape in the picture is due to the croaker family's extendable terminal mouth, like bass. This is a rather large specimen compared to the ones usually found, as can be seen by the elongated body. Brackish water makes for darker fish in general.

  2. Also, the silver perches range extends to Costa Rica, and it is commonly found in estuaries.