Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Enjoying The View

A beautiful view on the Potomac.

When: Saturday, April 26th, from 9:30am to 2pm
Where: The Potomac River near Ashburn, VA
What: Catfishing
Weather: Warm with a slight breeze. Sunny skies turned partly cloudy. 63 degrees warmed to 70. Wind calm to South at 14mph and gusting to 20mph.
Barometric Pressure: 29.88in fell to 29.83in
Relative Humidity: 46%
Sunrise: 6:18am
Sunset: 7:58pm
Moon: Waning, 3 days before new. Underfoot 10:59am.
Water Conditions: A little high and a little muddy.

Before I started chasing muskies, my favorite thing to do was to fish for catfish South of the Mason Dixon line. Whenever I was down there, of course. In fact, that's where this blog gets it's name from.

Many years ago, I spent some some time in Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky, and I would often do my best to fish for blue and flathead catfish. These are two species of catfish that, aside from an invasive population in the Delaware River, are not found in New Jersey.

More recently, I would do the same on trips to West Virginia.

My success was often limited, and I only ever wound up with a bunch of big channel cats and some small flatheads.

Still, the thought of big catfish still gets me going.

So when I learned that we would not be far from the Potomac while at a wedding this past weekend, I thought I'd take a shot at catfishing there.

One of the reasons I never had great success at river fishing for catfish in the past was that it was often difficult to find a good spot to fish.

That was not the case on this day.

With a little help from Google Maps, I found the rocky outcropping in Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park in Leesburg, Virginia.

I had stopped at the supermarket to pick up bait, and although I would have liked some smelt or herring, I settled for shrimp and chicken livers. I also tried to catch some bluegills, but didn't have any luck.

I spent over 5 hours on this rock, and although I got a couple light bites, I caught no fish. Still, it was great to be catfishing again and the view from the rock was beautiful.

I'd really like to do a little more of that this year. Let's see if I can find a reason to go down South again.

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