Thursday, April 24, 2014

Clear Skies, Slow Fishing

I put pictures like this up when I don't catch any fish.

When: Monday, April 21st, from 10:30am to 6:30pm.
What: Musky fishing with Charlie
Weather: Warm and sunny (bluebird skies). Calm winds to variable to S, W and SW at 9mph. High of 73.
Barometric Pressure: 30.17in, fell to 29.91in.
Relative Humidity: 15% at mid-day.
Sunrise: 6:09am
Sunset: 7:44pm
Moon: Waning, day before the last quarter. Moonset 11:32am. Underfoot 6:49pm.
Water Conditions: Main lake temp 53-54 degrees, 56-58 in the shallows, 60 way up north.

I've said it countless times. Sunny days are great for being out on the water, but they often are not the best days for catching fish.

Charlie narrowly avoided the dreaded skunk by scoring a small largemouth late in the day. I never got a bite, but I did move a couple of muskies.

We started out with high hopes, like always, and launched at DeFeo's Marina around 10:30am. We hit all the usual spots, but nothing seemed to be stirring. We found some warmer water in the South End, still nothing. We saw a bald eagle and an osprey, and like the superstitious, optimistic musky fisherman that I am, I was certain they were omens bringing tidings of big fish.

They weren't.

After about 6 hours of hucking big baits, Charlie had the boat in about 5 feet of water and I was twitching a crankbait to keep it above the weeds. Even after the long stretch of fruitless hours, it was impossible to not be instantly alert when I saw a 40+ inch musky following my lure with it's nose right on it. As I moved into the Figure 8, the fish turned 3 or 4 times, keot its snout on my lure the whole time, but not striking before heading back off away from the boat.

I didn't catch it, but it felt great to see some signs of life after a long day.

Charlie and I revisited that fish a couple of times, but it never came back out to play.

As we worked our way back to DeFeo's, I had a much smaller fish come out and take a few looks at the same crankbait, but that one did not bite either.

Like always, it was great to be out there. If I didn't love being outside and musky fishing, I probably wouldn't fish for muskies until May. April is a tough month to catch them because water temps are not quite up to where the fish are very active and they are going through the motions trying to spawn. But I'm certain there has to be one or two out there that are willing to bite.

One day I'm gonna catch my April musky, but for now I'll just keep enjoying being on the water and fishing with Charlie.

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