Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life Aquatic

When: Saturday, February 2nd (Super Bowl Sunday), from 7am to 2pm
What: Ice Fishing with Matt and Joe C.
Weather: Comfortable, 25 degrees warmed to 43. Light wind from calm to SW to 8mph. Partly cloudy turning overcast with a slight fog, mist and light rain.
Barometric Pressure: Fluctuated between 29.92in dropped to 29.96in.
Relative Humidity: 92% to 65%
Sunrise: 7:07am
Sunset: 5:16pm
Moon:Waxing a few days after new.
Water Conditions: Frozen on top. Almost 8 inches of ice covered with snow and slush. Fished between 6 and 10 feet of water.

I waited a couple of days to get his post up so that my buddy Joe could work his magic with the video we shot.

It was well worth the wait.



  1. Awesome video man.

    What kind of underwater camera are you using? I've been thinking about getting one but not sure they will work in the muddy/stained water here in Texas.

  2. Thanks Chad. I have a Marcum 825sd. Not sure how murky your water is, but this water was pretty stained. Thanks for checking out the blog. -Catfish