Sunday, February 9, 2014

Follow Up From Bob......


I received an interesting email the other day.

Back during my stretch of fishing for 365 days in a row, I met Bob on Farrington Lake on Day 74. I told Bob what I was doing, and he told me that he was retired and gets to fish almost 300 days a year himself. Bob also keeps meticulous notes of where he fishes, and how many fish he catches each year. On that day, July 25th of 2011, he had already caught over 1,500 crappie (15 of them while we were talking), 147 bass and 143 pickerel, all from local lakes in Middlesex County.

I asked Bob if I could take his picture and put it up on my website, and he obliged.

And, the other day, over 2 and a half years later, I received this email.

My name is Bob, I'm the guy on your web site from farrington Lake (Yellow rain coat).  I'm not one for social media or computers except to send jokes to my friends.  A friend of mine found my picture and sent me your web site.  I guess that picture is from 2011 if I read it right.  I'm still fishing a lot but now I'm down to about 200 days a year due to babysitting my granddaughter.  That year I ended up with 1929 crappies, 220 bass and 213 pickerel.  To tell you the truth I forgot all about meeting you that day.  Actually I can't even remember who I wake up with in the morning and I'm married to her for 44 years.  Fishing has been a little slow the past few years due to the drought, very low water.  However I also fish the Delaware and Raritian canal which runs from New Brunswick to just outside Trenton.  This is a spot you would like, except you should have a boat of some kind as most of cannot be fished without one.  You can return my e-mail if you want more info.

I thought it was pretty cool of Bob to reach out, so when I returned his email I asked him if I could put his email on my blog. He obliged, and wrote me back with some more information.

Just a follow up on my fishing log, in 2012, I made 273 fishing trips and caught 1027 crappies, 678 bass and 379 pickerel.  In 2013 I had 240 trips and caught 1278 crappies 384 bass and 305 pickerel.  So far in 2014 I only had 12 trips and caught 8 crappies 2 bass and 6 pickerel.  The reason for the fishing log is it tells me what fish are being caught and where they are.  It saves me a lot of time trying to find fish.  I'm glad you like the D & R canal, I been fishing it since I was 10 years old and I'm still fishing it just not as much as I use to.  I'm 70 years old now so that gives me 60 years on the Canal.

Thanks Bob! It was once again a pleasure meeting you!

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