Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not Over............

December carp, on a Binksy. Merry Christmas!!!

When: Sunday, December 22nd
What: Shore fishing with the Chris, Brian and Lido
Weather: Very unseasonably warm, foggy and overcast with a light rain at times. High in the mid-60's, wind S to SW at 17 and gusting to 24, although much calmer for most of the day.
Barometric Pressure: 29.94 and fell to 29.89 
Relative Humidity: Low of 78%
Sunrise: 7:21am
Sunset: 4:36pm
Moon: Waning, 3 days before the last quarter. Moonset 10:15am. Underfoot 4pm.
Water Conditions: Clear and cold. Gauge at 4.25 and rising.

Brian is home for the holidays and like always, he was ready to do some fishing. I was pretty darn sure that it was time to do some ice fishing, but Mother Nature threw us the wickedest of curve balls with some incredibly warm weather. There may have been a chance to get out on the ice on Saturday, but we were going to be fishing on Sunday.

With record setting highs.

Even if there was some borderline safe ice somewhere, I wasn't about to be standing on it with temps inching near 70 degrees and a warm rain coming down.

Neither was anyone else.

So we decided to do a little river fishing where we knew there would be no ice. I got there early to make sure the river was not too high and that no one was at our spot.

Good on both fronts.

I had lugged some bait down and started bait fishing, and immediately got bored. So, I started tossing the Binsky, but the correct way that my buddy Steve details in his video.

After about 10 minutes, I made a cast towards shore and was thinking I had sent it too far into shallow water. I let it fall anyway, and after resting it on the bottom for a couple of seconds, I engaged the reel and lifted the rod only to feel dead weight. I thought the lure had snagged a rock for a second, but it was giving a little. After dragging in dead weight for a few feet, I was then fairly certain the hooks were clinging to a tree branch.

And then it started moving.

When I saw the rod pumping ever so slightly under the stress from a big fish, my mind started racing with visions of a musky or a monster walleye. The fish pulled hard but took very little drag. When I first saw the deep gold when it surfaced, I thought it was a huge walleye, but after bringing it closer, I realized my prize was a nice-sized carp.

Whatever, it's December, and I'll take a 10+ pound fish any day.

Normally when I catch carp on lures they are foul hooked. However, this fish was hooked right in the lips it and it took the bait while the Binsky was sitting on the bottom. There is no doubt that this fish fully intended to eat it.

I unhooked it, set up my camera and my tripod, set the timer and took the pic. I then put the fish back in the chilly river, where it swam away healthy and strong, no worse for the wear.

The boys showed up shortly thereafter and it was great to see Brian. I had not seen in a little over a year, and it's always good times when we get together. Surprisingly, for a winter day, everyone caught a fish. Chris caught a nice channel cat on a jig, Brian got himself a nice smallmouth and the birthday boy Lido took the high hook by catching a small channel cat and a walleye to break-in his new walleye rod he got for his birthday less than 24 hours earlier.

It was a great reunion on the water, and it's always nice to see a fish caught. Especially in such cold water, even though it felt like Spring.

Not sure if I'll be out again until 2014, so once again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a very special "thank you" to everyone who continues to read this!!!

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