Monday, December 2, 2013

A Day Late And A Few Inches Short

One of three short stripers caught on the Tunacious on Black Friday.

When: Black Friday, November 29th
Where: The Ocean
What: Striper fishing with Joe C. and Jimmy aboard the Tunacious
Weather: Clear skies but cold. Wind calm to N and NW at 6mph. Did I mention is was cold? 21 to 40 degrees. Felt a heck of a lot colder.
Barometric Pressure: 30.58in and steady
Relative Humidity: 40% at midday
Sunrise: 6:57am
Sunset: 4:32pm
Moon: Waning, 3 days before new. Moonset 2:15pm. Overhead 2:15pm.
Water Conditions: High tide 7:12am, Low Tide 2:08pm. Water temps 43 degrees and slightly stained.

It's been a long weekend and this trip with Jimmy and Joe seems like it was weeks ago at this point. Black Friday is normally a good day to be striper fishing in New Jersey, but we had no keepers to put in the box. The birds that were chasing down bait just a week ago seemed to have all but vanished, and it left us scratching our heads and fearing the cold snap may have sent the bigger fish packing until the Spring. The fall run was not as Joe would have hoped, but there were no shortage of laughs and good times on the Tunacious while people were beating each other over the head to get hot Black Friday deals in every store in in America. It was much more peaceful on the water.

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