Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gettin' Jiggy

Joe and Chris got themselves some dinner.

When: Saturday, November 16th, from 10am to 6pm
Where: Greenwood
What: Jigging with Joe and Chris
Weather: Warm and sunny. 53 degrees warmed to 61. Very few clouds. Wind calm to SE at 5mph, SW at 3mph and S at 8mph.
Barometric Pressure: High, 30.30in and fell slightly to 30.24in.
Relative Humidity: 36% at mid-day
Sunrise: 6:46am
Sunset: 4:37pm
Moon: Waxing/Full. Moonset 5:39am. Underfoot 10:58am. Moonrise 4:11pm.
Water Conditions: Partly stained, 50 degrees, surface temps warmed slightly to 51.

I guess every once in awhile you have to put down the musky rods. Well, maybe you don't.

Chris and I hadn't managed to get out in awhile and Joe was looking to catch his first walleye. Since I know the basics of jigging for walleye in the fall, we decided to give it a go on Joe's Ranger. As stubborn as I am, I brought along a musky rod in addition to a walleye rod.

It took us a bit to find a place to launch. We first went to DeFeo's up on the Northwest corner of the Greenwod Lake. A bunch of boats had already launched and parking was tight, but there was still some space. The guy operating the joint was a total jerk though, made no effort to help us out and even told my friend Joe that "I'm in the marina business not the launch business." This place tries to bang you $30 on the weekends in the summer and charges you $10 for an extra car when you can get in at almost any other marina for $20. After this weekend I would never give DeFeo's another dime and I would urge other people to consider the marinas that are nicer to their customers.

We did find a much friendlier place to launch, and saw our fellow MI22 members Brian and Andy going out together to troll for muskies. They have been lighting it up the past few weeks, but the clear skies and high pressure made fishing tough all around.

Luckily Andy, who has been fishing Greenwood forever, pointed out where we might find some walleye. After all my spots fell flat, we went over to where Andy suggested and had our first bite. Joe landed the nice crappie in short order. Over the next couple hours, we teamed up for 3 short walleye, 1 keeper walleye and 5 big crappie. Not fast and furious action by any means, but enough to send Joe and Chris home with a meal.

We did try fishing for muskyr at moonrise, but we quickly went back to jigging. We thought the fishing might pick up after dark, but after an hour of not being able to see anything, we packed it in.

Still, it was nice to see some fish in the boat. Although we didn't land any monsters, we had some action and everyone enjoyed the day, and a meal.

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