Monday, October 7, 2013

Too Crowded For Comfort

When: Saturday, October 6th, from 6am to 5pm
What: Musky fishing with Joe
Weather: Mostly cloudy and warm with a slight SE breeze.
Barometric Pressure: n/a
Relative Humidity: n/a
Sunrise: 7:04am
Sunset: 6:36pm
Moon: Waxing, 2 days after new. Major 2:14pm (overhead). Minor 8:34am (moonrise), 7:34pm (moonset).
Water Conditions: Partly stained on Marsh, no temp available. Very stained on Mercer, temps from 72 in the West End to 67 in the East End.

First of all, you can thank the ineptitude of the United States Government for the lack of information regarding barometric pressure and relative humidity. The only site that I know of to get a backlog of weather conditions is from Since their website is shutdown due to the shutdown, I do not have the details.


Second, I don't care how many muskies are in Marsh Creek Lake in Pennsylvania, the absolute insanity of the number of boats out there was plenty to make me never want to go back there least on a weekend. We rolled-up at O'dark thirty and within a minute there were 20 boats line-up at the launch.

It was unsettling to know that there was going to be a little too much company and not enough elbow room on the lake, but we set out anyway. Most of the boats made a left out of the launch, so we made right. After about an hour I had a small tiger musky nip my bucktail at the boat, but he didn't find any hooks.

We kept at it for a few more hours with no follows, but time after time we found a handful of boats, a kayak and a canoe to keep where we wanted to fish. We eventually had to decide whether or not to head up to the other end of the lake....and.....

We left.

Our Plan B was to backtrack to Lake Mercer where we weren't as confident in the fishing, but we were certainly confident in the lack of fishing pressure.

The water was stained, but it was nice to have the place (almost) to ourselves. We fished the East end of the lake and I did have one solid hit a on bucktail that once again did not find any hooks. Moments later, I felt a tap, set the hook...and....


I've caught a few fish in my life, and by the bend in the rod I could tell this one was a big one. I was, however, a little surprised at how easily the monster musky gave up fighting. That bewilderment quickly subsided moments later as my 50-incher turned out to be a verylarge, ass-hooked carp.

Oh well, it got my blood pumping.

We kept at it for a few more hours but no musky were to be had on this day. It was still a great time on the water. I know people catch muskies in Lake Mercer, and although there are probably a lot more caught at Marsh Creek, there's no question as to which one is higher on my list to fish again.

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