Sunday, September 8, 2013

On The Water With Broski

When: Saturday, September 7th, from 2:30pm to 8pm
What: Musky fishing with Rob
Weather: Mostly sunny, high of 77, wind SW at 7mph to variable at 5mph then calm.
Barometric Pressure: 30.01in to 29.95in
Relative Humidity: 37% at mid-day
Sunrise: 6:32am
Sunset: 7:22pm
Moon: Waxing, 2 days after new. Major 2:36pm (overhead) to 4:36pm. Minor 8:17pm (moonset) to 9:17pm.
Water Conditions: Surface temp 74 degrees. Good clarity. Healthy weeds.

I mentioned in front of Rob a couple weeks ago that I had burned a few calories fishing for musky. I think I caught him off guard with the comment and like a lot of people, he didn't associate angling with exercise.

So, I did the only thing I saw fit...I invited him fishing.

I've taken a handful of top-notch anglers fishing for musky before, and although some did just fine and even caught fish, I've had just as many that found it too boring or too taxing. Rob isn't a crazy, die-hard fisherman, but I had a hunch he was going to do just fine.

And he did.

Now, being there is always a little bit of friendly jest between my brother-in-law and I, part of me really wanted to have him pull Double-10's and throw Pounders all day to show him exactly how exhausting musky fishing can be, but more than that I would have liked to have seen him catch a fish.

We got on the water exactly at the major, and after a quick lesson on how to use a baitcaster, I told Rob how we were going to get bit immediately because of the timing.

And....I did.

Within 5 minutes of being on the water, I had a small musky attack my bait. Even the big fish have problems finding the hooks on a glider, so this smaller fish had even more trouble and darted back into the weeds without getting stuck.

Oh well.

Things got quiet after that for awhile until I got slammed by another fish that somehow didn't find any hooks either. I was pretty positive it was a bite from a musky, and my suspicions were confirmed moments later when we moved past the spot spooked a big fish.

Things once again got quiet for awhile. Sometime later, we were casting along another weed edge when I told Rob that a small surface disturbance I saw looked "suspect." It turned out I was correct, as a musky followed my lure halfway to the boat on the next cast. Despite speed changes, the fish tailed off. Seconds later, the fish took an interest in Rob's lure, and Rob was soon staring at a very large tiger musky sniffing his bait a foot from the boat. Unfortunately the fish didn't want to eat, and that was all the action for the day.

It was a gorgeous day on the water. It felt like fall and the water temps are starting to cool. Rob was a pleasure to have on the boat, and he was bomb-casting a topwater by the end of the day. Plus, it was only right that I got him out. After all, he came up with name for my boat.

Thanks broski, got do it again.

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