Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aruba In Pictures

It would be way to long to write about our 1-year anniversary trip to Aruba, so here's some pictures. One thing that you won't see pictures of, however, is the the 30 to 40 pound tarpon that defeated me in an epic battle just hours before our flight home. I hooked the beast on medium action spinning rod while I was standing on a rock ledge 20 feet from the water. As soon as I got a look at him, he took to the air...again and again and again. I managed to keep him glued with tension on the line as I held the rod with one hand and climbed down the rocks to the water. After finding firm footing down by the water, I continued to fight the tarpon for what seemed like an eternity. Three times I had him in the shallow water just a few feet from land, and each time the silver king took another run and another jump. I had him about three feet from me and was preparing to land it when it took one last run, one last jump and the hook popped free. When he came unglued he went belly up for just a minute before swimming away. That was probably his last run and it was the one that set him loose. I was going to let him go anyway, of course, but it would have made for an epic ending to a wonderful vacation. At least I got the pleasure of doing battling with him.

Thank you to my beautiful wife for putting up with all the fishing and for the best first year of marriage I could have ever dreamed of. I am a lucky man.

...............the end.

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