Friday, June 7, 2013

When: Saturday, June 1st
Where: The Allegheny River
What: Musky fishing with Gabe and Red
Weather: Cloudy and breezy
Barometric Pressure: N/A
Relative Humidity: N/A
Sunrise: 5:43am
Sunset: 8:46pm
Moon: Waning, day past Last Quarter. Moon Overhead, 9:39am, Underfoot, 9:02pm. Moonset 4:12pm.
Water Conditions: 56 degrees below Conewango, 52 North. Stained to the South, Clear to the North. River high, flows at 8200, 10.5.

Only fish caught in the 8am in warmer water. Dam draw dropped temps from 58 to 52.

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