Sunday, June 16, 2013

When: Father's Day, Sunday June 16th, from 5am to 10:20am
What: Musky fishing with Joe
Weather: Fishy. Humid, overcast with a light shower, calm wind, 55 degrees climbed to 70.
Barometric Pressure: 29.99 to 29.97
Relative Humidity: 93% to 57%
Sunrise: 5:28am
Sunset: 8:33pm
Moon: Waxing. First Quarter. Major 6:45am (Underfoot) to 8:45am
Water Conditions: Good clarity, only mildy stained, even after lots of rain in the previous days. Water did seem a little high. Water temp was 70 to 71 degrees and weeds are in full spring.

Moved 7 fish, all on the lake lure. Two or 3 took a shot, including one that came into the 8 with its mouth open. Also a couple lazy follows. Action at the major, but action all morning. Sitting in 14 to 15 and casting to the weedline. Saw some nice fish. Joe moved a fish on a black/nickel Jr at the buzzer. Should have had one today, but nice to be out.

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