Saturday, May 18, 2013


When: Friday, May 17th
What: Musky Fishing with Matt
Weather: Mostly cloudy in the morning, then sunny and breezy at times. Winds variable to NW and N up to 9mph and gusting to 17.
Barometric Pressure: 30.07 to 30.09
Relative Humidity: 40% at mid-day
Sunrise: 5:38am
Sunset: 8:11pm
Moon: Waxing, day before First Quarter. Major 6:33am (Underfoot) to 8:33am. Minor 12:10pm (Moonrise) to 1:10pm. Major 6:56 (Overhead) to 8:56pm.
Water Conditions: Partly stained, good visibility. 63 to 65 degrees. No weed edge, but weeds emerging, especially north in Byram and Henderson.

Moved one 42 to 43 on the Reef Digger half-hour before moonrise in the "spring cove." Fish may have tapped the bait. Jim and John didn't see any. Had a few pickerel, a bass and the nice walleye. Two pickerel and the walleye came from the windblown end of Great Cove. Wind had been pushing in there all day. Not easy finding a weed edge.

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