Sunday, April 14, 2013


When: Sunday, April 14th from 12pm to 2pm
What: Musky fishing/FF test take 3
Weather: Mostly sunny/partly cloudy, mild, VERY windy. 50 degrees, 14-16mph winds from the WNW and gusting much higher.
Barometric Pressure: ??
Relative Humidity: 35%
Sunrise: 6:20am
Sunset: 7:36pm
Moon: Waxing, 4 days past new. No majors or minors while on the water.
Water Conditions: Low 50's on the pond, high 40's on main lake

Final FF test. Only two hours on the water. Extremely windy and casting wasn't possible. Trolled a bit to check out the sonar and left. Matt was out yesterday and saw 3 spawning females, two of which were beat up, hanging in the shallows in the back. The one without marks was in the channel probably on its way in. Lots of dead weeds up to the surface in the skinny water. A couple more weeks and things should start moving. Looking forward to May.

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