Friday, September 28, 2012

Honeymoon Of A Lifetime

Just got back from 10 absolutely amazing days in Costa Rica. Lots of stories and more pics to follow, but I thought I'd share my favorite in the lovely wife with a 90-pound Pacific sailfish.

Also and excerpt from my 30-minute, losing battle with a blue marlin.

And a couple more videos from the trip...

...and Lindsay....

My Best Catch Yet

September 15, 2012 at The Raritan Inn in Califon, NJ

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Late Afternoon Monster Pickerel

Found myself on Hopatcong on a Dow's rental boat after work on Tuesday. Didn't move any muskies, but this monster pickerel hit a 10-inch musky crank. That musky net is 36 inches across, so take your best guess.

Graybill picked me up later. Thanks buddy, gotta do that more often. Good night on the water and a nice last look at my favorite Lake before I get married...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wild, Wonderful

Momma's porch pet.
A spendid Labor Day weekend trip to wild, wonderful West Virgina produced plenty of good times, but no fish. Unless you count the bait...that is. Lindsay, Rob and I were down to visit Momma in Morgantown, watch WVU play Marshall from four rows up from the field wedding stuff...of course.
Berto and I dipped out Saturday night, and after scoring a few bluegills in Cheat Lake, headed to Point Marion, PA in search of a hefty flathead. After a little disappointment that our"spot" had been turned into a marina, some bushwacking led us to the water while streaks of lightning lit up the sky from afar. A couple hours in, a fish ran away with an 8-inch bluegill and Berto connected, only to have the sinker snag a rock while bringing it in. The rig eventually busted and whatever was on the end of it was liberated. Judging by the fact that it ate a sunfish the size of my hand, it was probably a decent kitty.
We washed our tears away with chicken wings on the way back.
Monday brought us back home and now last minute preparations are being made for the nuptials. I reckon I won't get much fishing in for awhile, until the wedding day...of course.