Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back At It...Again

Chris with one of the, if not the biggest smallmouth bass I have ever witnessed
with my own eyes.
When: Saturday, July 21st, from 4pm to 9pm
What: Fishing with Chris in the canoe
Weather: Partly cloudy to overcast to fair skies, high 70's to low 80's, calm wind to SW at 5mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.05in and fairly steady
Relative Humidity: 47%
Moon: Waxing, a couple days after new
Water Conditions: Partly stained from recent storms

It's been almost a month since the last blog post. One might think I've gotten lazy with my reporting, but the fact is that I actually haven't done too much fishing.

I think I've shared my thoughts on summer fishing before. It's something to the tune of crowed lakes, high water temps, sluggish musky and the danger of them not surviving when you release them, sweltering afternoons, etc. I made a conscious effort to stop targeting musky when the water hit 80 degrees, and I haven't been too excited about fishing for anything else. Plus, there's practically nowhere you can go in New Jersey this time of year that you don't have a couple hundred other friends hanging out on the lake with you.

That being said, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Although Chris and I were going to be chasing smaller quarry on Saturday, I was mighty stoked all week. And if you've been fishing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as long as Martalus and I, you're bound to know of at least one or two spots to fish where you might find some peace and quiet.

And that's exactly what we did.

We intentionally got a late start so we could fish magic hour. After taking a nice run through the hills of Tewksbury, we cleaned-up, grabbed the canoe and headed over the Delaware. After reaching the spot and getting our gameplan together, we got exactly what we expected.

A lot of fish.

We landed lots of bass including Chris' monster smallie. Throw in all the panfish and we probably had well over 50 fish and missed plenty more. After that bonanza we tried catfishing past midnight, but got no love from the whiskers.

It felt good to be back out and get the rod bent.

On another note, all the rain last week and the cool nights seems to have brought the water temperatures down in the northern part of the state where the muskies live. I mentioned that I would not fish musky while the water temps are over 80 degrees, but it seems as they've gone down into the 70's. Looks like there might be another blog post this week.

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