Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 355: A Less Than Stellar Performance

Another day closer.
When: Tuesday, May 1st, from 5pm to 5:30pm
Where: Mindowaskin Pond in Westfield
What: Fishing
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 70 degrees, NW wind at 9mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.97in and steady
Relative Humidity: 57%
Moon: Waxing, a couple days after the first quarter
Water Conditions: High and staine

I'd be lying if I said my heart and my head were entirely in this every day. And I wasn't feeling it on Tuesday.

I think the 10 hours of casting 4-ounce lures on Sunday took an extra day to catch-up with me, and coupled with an incredibly busy day at work on Tuesday, I hit the wall when I got home.

Still, I trudged to Mindowaskin before food shopping, some apartment cleaning and cooking dinner. There were lots of fish in the shallows, including a few big bass, but I didn't catch any of them. I did have one bite on a tiny Rapala, but it was most likely from a sunny and didn't connect.

I probably could have upped my chances of catching fish if I would have switched lures a couple times, but I didn't really feel like tying a different one on.

Oh well, one day closer to the weekend, and I already have some plans brewing.

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