Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 353: My Pal Charlie

My buddy Charlie with a hefty Greenwood Lake smallmouth.
When: Sunday, April 29th, from 6:30am to 4pm
Where: Greenwood Lake
What: Fishing with Charlie...finally
Weather: Low 30's in the morning with a high near 60 in the afternoon, fair skies, calm wind up to 12mph from the NW and gusting to 20mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.18in to 30.09in to 30.20in
Relative Humidity: 37% at morning down to 19%
Moon: Waxing, first quarter
Water Conditions: Lake is still very low, water clarity from partly stained to very stained, surface temperature 57 in the north end and 52 in the south end at morning and warmed a few degrees by mid-day

Charlie and I have grown to be close friends over the last several months. Part of that has to do with our love for fishing, and part of that has to do with some other things we have in common. In any event, we've been trying to go fishing together since the summer, but Charlie works every Saturday and up until this week, I've been writing every Sunday. Since I've stepped down as the Field Editor of The Fisherman and had my first full weekend open, I got to spend some quality time with my lady on Saturday and finally had the opportunity to fish with Charlie.

It was well worth the wait.

Although the water is still low, we made it out on Greenwood Lake. There were maybe two other boats out there, including my friend Matt from MI22, but we pretty much had the entire lake to ourselves. Charlie immediately set-out to fish for bass and I started hucking musky lures...of course.

It didn't take long for Charlie to deliver, and within 5 minutes of fishing he landed the spectacular smallmouth you see above. We didn't have a scale with us, but one look will tell you that this is a trophy smallmouth for these parts by anyone's standards.

Often, a fish that quick could be the kiss of death, but Charlie added a largemouth to the pot and lost another smallmouth at the boat. He also scored a fantastic walleye at the buzzer to make for an amazing day on the water.


Well, I didn't land a fish, but I still had a wonderful time with Charlie. I never get down when I'm musky fishing as I know this sport takes a lot of patience, but I have to admit that after 6 hours of pitching huge baits, I was wondering if I was ever gonna see one again.

And then I saw one.

My friend Matt had a gotten a few follows earlier in the day, but I had yet to move a fish. Then, right around the magic moonrise, I had a very nice fish come-up hot behind my Cowgirl and was literally right at my feet at the boat. This fish was totally prepared to eat my bucktail, but still being a bit of a novice, I did a less than stellar job of keeping the blades moving and the fish lost interest. It's nose was a foot from the back of the boat and it was so close I could see a small scar on its mouth. I went back at it with the same, and then another lure and we came back 30 minutes later, but the fish was not seen again.

Still, to move such a big a fish and have him ready to eat renewed my confidence and just made me want to get back out on the water that much quicker.

And I can't wait to fish with Charlie again.

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