Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 345: Epic Shad Fishing On The Delaware


When: Saturday, April 21st, from 7am to 1:45pm
Where: The Delaware River
What: Shad fishing with Brian, Chris and Capt. Dieter Scheel
Weather: Perfect: fog/mist gave way to clouds and some sunshine, 59 degrees at morning warmed into the 70's, winds from the SW to 10mph and gusting higher at times
Barometric Pressure: 29.80in at morning, dropped to 29.71
Relative Humidity: 100% at morning, dropped to 48% by 2pm
Moon: New
Water Conditions: River is still super-low. Water was stained with some algae and debris at times

This was a special trip, and I reservedly had high hopes that we were going to catch some fish. However, not in a million years could I have put together the scenario that unfolded on the Delaware River with Capt. Dieter Scheel on Saturday.

Since Brian works in Africa, I don't get to see him all that much. He also just got married recently (congrats again Brian and Martina!!) and because of the long distance, I was unable to attend the wedding. For the same reason, Brian will not be able to attend my wedding in September. We did know he was going to be home for a few weeks though, and since none of us had ever caught a shad at that time, we decided to book a trip with one of the best shad men on the Delaware; my friend Capt. Dieter Scheel (Big D River Guide).

For obvious reasons, it's not often I get a full day of fishing with BOTH Martalus brothers, so there was nothing I wanted more than this to be special trip.

And by golly it was.

I guess the best way that I could sum this up is by saying that Capt. Dieter has been guiding for shad, practically every day of shad season, for a long time. He's had lots of incredible days with 50 or even 60 fish making it to the net, and this beat them all. We hooked into an insane 81 shad on Saturday, 67 of which made it to the net. Rods were getting slammed left and right, we were dancing around the boat and everyone was having a fantastic time.

What a day.

A special thank-you to Capt. Dieter for putting us on the fish today. If anyone is considering a guided trip on the Delaware, I would highly suggest reaching out to him. Capt. Dieter fishes for spring shad and stripers before switching over to smallmouth, wallleye and catfish during the summer. Check him out at or call (610)574-7519 for more information.

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