Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 338: A Frustrating Start And A Frustrated Finish

A parting shot.
When: Saturday, April 14th
What: Musky fishing (or trying to for that matter)
Weather: High of 70 degree, partly cloudy to overcast, variable winds at 5mph kicked-up to 9mph from the SW and gusting to 20mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.18in at 11am and fell to 30.04in by 6pm
Relative Humidity: 23%
Moon: Waning, just past the last quarter
Water Conditions: Low and partly stained

This trip was doomed from the beginning.

I left my house at 10am and we didn't start fishing until closer to 3pm. Hopes were high when Joe and Josh rolled-up to the "Lake A" just before 1pm. I had been shore fishing for an hour and spied bait in the shallows, the bass guys coming off the lake had hooked one musky and seen more, there was a 1:30pm moonset and the conditions were perfect for the fish to be biting.

I forgot all about that pretty quickly though.

The lake was low, but we didn't realize HOW low. To make a long story short, we couldn't get the boat in. So, I sped off to "Lake B" to see if the launch was open. It was, but we probably should have just gone home at that point. We finally got to fishing just before 3pm, the moonset was past, we saw two guys hit a musky just as we started fishing, the wind was whipping and everyone was pretty much in a dull mood.

I foul-hooked a huge carp that I was hoping was a musky until we saw it, but that would be all the fish action for the day.

After only a few hours, we passed on fishing the sunset and headed home defeated.

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