Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 330: Good (But Could Have Been Better) Friday

Musky fishing bycatch.
When: Friday, April 6th, from 8am to 5:30pm
Where: Lake Hopatcong
What: Musky fishing with Matt
Weather: Low 41, high 55, fair skies, calm wind to 12mph from the N and gusting to 21mph
Barometric Pressure: Steady, 30.00in to 29.97in
Relative Humidity: 76% at mornining, dropped to 21%
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Lake still 2 feet low, Woodport was barely 50 degrees (was 65 two weeks earlier), found 54 degree water in Byram

Man we worked for it today. But sometimes the musky don't want to reward you for your efforts.

Matt is a fellow member of Muskies Inc. Chapter 22. We're both new to the club, and after bumping into him at the meeting back in February, we hung out for a bit at the MI22 both at the Pequest last week. A few text messages and phone calls a few days later, and we found out we both had off for Good Friday.

So we decided to do some musky fishing.

And musky fishing we did.

We got on the lake at 8am and immediately started hucking baits. After about an hour or so, Matt had a small musky (or huge pickerel?) miss his lure twice at the boat.

Things got real quiet after that.

After battling a lack of bites and some hefty winds, I scored a nice bass. More hucking and a little trolling yielded two more pickerel, but no musky made it onto the hook today.

Such is musky fishing.

We were on the lake for over nine hours and almost all of it was spent tossing big lures. I'd like to think of a witty line to end the blog, but I'm exhausted.

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