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Day 325: Another Sweetwater Reunion

Another hefty Nomahegan Carp.
When: Sunday, April 1st (no fooling), from 9am from 12pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan in Cranford
What: Carp fishing with BOTH Martalus brothers
Weather: Overcast, 45 degrees, W wind at 6mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.86in and falling
Moon: Waxing, 3 days past the first quarter
Water Conditions: Murky, as always

Brian is back from Africa...and married. Congratulations my brother!!! Although his being on N.J. soil would normally have us doing some trout fishing, time just didn't allow for that today. There were no worries though, as word had it there was a wicked carp bite in Cranford. Chris and Brian scooped me up just before 9am, and we were headed to Nomahegan for some morning fishing. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the lake, there were few signs of life at my "A" spot. However, a quick stroll to the other end of the lake revealed what were most likely feeding carp. A couple cans of creamed corn hit the water, rigs were tied and we waited.