Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 323: Mindowaskin Surprise

Not bad for 30 minutes in downtown Westfield.
When: Friday, March 30th, from 5pm to 5:30pm
Where: Mindowaskin Pond in Westfield
What: Bass fishing
Weather: Calm wind, 54 degrees, E wind at 10mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.96in and steady
Moon: Waxing, first quarter
Water Conditions: Muddy with lots of slime

The little puddle across the street from the Westfield Police Station is starting to earn my respect.


It took awhile before I actually caught a bass from Mindowaskin pond last year, but once I did, its size surprised me. Even with a decent outing or two there over the last 10 months, I wasn't hopeful that I was going to break my 4-day fishless streak today.

But I did.

When I arrived at Mindowaskin after work, I was less than enthused. The water was murky and had lots of floating crud. I did, however, see a nice big bass sitting along the shoreline. But I couldn't get him to bite. No worries though, because shortly thereafter, another one bit. It wasn't quite as big as the one I spied, but it was no doubt a decent fish and a fine catch within view of downtown Westfield.

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