Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 317: Jumping The Gun

Joe at the helm of Choot 'Em.
When: Friday, March 23rd at 11pm to Saturday, March 24th (Day 317) at 3:30am
Where: Lake Hopatcong
What: Trying to score a walleye, hybrid or musky
Weather: Partly cloudy, 55 degrees, calm wind
Barometric Pressure: 30.05in and steady
Moon: Waxing, just past new
Water Conditions: 56 degrees of Bertrand's Island, 65 in Woodport

Sometimes I have really good ideas. And sometimes those good ideas just don't pan out very well. And most of the time when they don't pan out very well, I'm fishing with Joe. To further stack the odds against us on this night trip to Hopatcong, Joe brought John Fantacone, who from what he himself has said is another bad luck charm.

Together the three us never really had a chance.

We set out from Lee's Marina trying to take advantage of what we thought were some great conditions: passing new moon, approaching cold front, a warm week and an abundance of bait in the form of spawning yellow perch.

As soon as we hit the lake, we set out to find the spawning perch, and we did, but nothing was eating them. We sat in the shallows watching the perch and some huge walleye sit on their beds, but we soon realized there were no larger predators in the area.

From there we motored into Woodport to see if anything was biting in the warmer water. We had a bit of action, missing a few strikes and me losing a fish that was temporarily glued. However, after that things pretty much shut down. We spooked some fish from the shallows and heard some big splashes, but all in the all the lake seemed pretty quiet. I had lots of reports from around the state that fish were active the night before, but that didn't seem to be the case on this particular evening.

Such is fishing.

Despite the slow fishing, it was a fantastic night to be on the lake. It was dead calm on the water and seeing the glowing eyeballs of a walleye in a foot of water was a unique experience. Once again though, I gave Joe a guided tour without us putting one fish in the boat.

That's gotta change.

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