Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 301: Adding Some Flash

This pickerel took a silver and blue Husky Jerk in the canal on a sunny day.
When: Thursday, March 8th, from 1pm to 1:30pm
Where: The D & R Canal
What: Fishing with Wave Tiki Sticks and Rapala Husky Jerks
Weather: Fair skies, 69 degrees, SW wind at 14mph and gusting to 23mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.10in and falling
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Partly stained

While I was fishing in the canal at lunch today, I started talking to a man who was walking along the towpath. I don't think he believed me that there was anything swimming in the water and he openly expressed his doubt that a fish would bite in such "cold" water. Lucky for him, I was caught one. Lucky for me, he was there to take a picture.

I used a little lesson from Fishing 101 today, and it worked out. When I arrived at the canal, I still had the dark Tiki Stick tied-on that fooled the bass yesterday. I threw it for probably 20 minutes without a bite, mostly because I was too lazy to switch lures. However, the sunny skies made it much too difficult to not try something with a little flash, and so on went the Husky Jerk.

Esox (pickerel, pike, musky) have a soft-spot for shiny things and using baits that reflect light on sunny days often produce good results. I was well aware of this, which is why I had to try something with some bling before I left.

I caught this pickerel on the third cast.


  1. All dressed up and ready to go! Excellent. I fish the canal (especially Weston area, the lock stretches between exit 12 and Wilhousky St.) often on my lunch break too. Do you know about the walleye below the locks? I have heard a lot, so I can't believe 100% until I see, but it's always made sense that they pass the Bull's Island lock...

  2. Awesome. Thank you Bruce. Hope to bump into you one day. I'll be on the canal near Queens Bridge tomorrow at lunch. I've heard about them walleye too, but have yet to try. I've see the state stocking and know there has to be a bunch of musky in there too. Have you ever seen one?