Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 297: Dusting Off The Carp Rods

Maybe a bit too soon, but it's just about time to start catching carp.
When: Sunday, March 4th, from 4:30pm to 5pm
Where: Meisel Ave. Park Pond in Springfield
What: Carp fishing
Weather: Overcast, 44 degrees, W wind at 17mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.68in and steady
Moon: Waxing, 4 days after the first quarter
Water Conditions: Muddy

Right before I caught that bass yesterday, I was pretty sure I'd be saying to myself, "I should have gone carp fishing." For as I was walking up the shoreline casting, I could see what I've come to know as the tell-tale signs of feeding carp.

I was wishing I had some corn with me, until I caught that bass.

That information about the carp was stored in the back of my mind. I figured that if Upper Echo Lake had water warm enough to get the carp moving, then the pond on Meisel Ave. certainly would. It was considerably warmer yesterday, but I thought I still had a chance today.

So, I took out one of my baitrunners, spooled it with 8-pound test and set-up my carp rig. Next it was off to King's to buy corn. After Brandon helped me fix my headlight (thanks Brandon), I headed to Springfield for a short carp session.

When I got there, it was cold, windy and the pond was covered with geese. There was no turning back at this point though. I walked around the pond looking for feeding fish, but the place looked pretty dead. I fished for 30 minutes, but nada.

Maybe I jumped the gun a bit, but I know that my first Spring carp (yes, folks, I said Spring) will be just around the corner.

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