Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 258: A Valiant Effort

The Passaic River is still running high.
When: Wednesday, January 25th, from 5:15pm to 5:45pm
Where: The Passaic River
What: Praying for a pike
Weather: Partly cloudy, 43 degrees, N wind at 6mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.32in and steady
Moon: Waxing, 2 days past new
Water Conditions: High and stained

I'm trying. I really am.
At this point I'm starting to do more thinking. I'm looking back on what methods and places have produced fish over the last month or so and paying attention to what species will bite in cold water. I also have to take into account what bodies of water are fishable, i.e. not frozen AT ALL or not too high and muddy from recent rain.

So, after putting all this info into my mental blender, I decided to race over to the Passaic River after work to see if I could get a pike to bite. Although I had read the online water data and knew the Passaic was still running high, I was fairly sure I could find at least some usable shoreline. I was right about the access, but the fish did not want to cooperate.

I tossed a Rapala Husky Jerk for 30 minutes or so and though I put it in some pretty fishy looking places...nothing.

Sometimes I really don't understand where fish go for the winter in small bodies of water.

Other than that, I have nothing more to say. I'd like to, but I have a really busy day at work, I've already gone fishing AGAIN this morning and my oatmeal is burning.

Check in later to see if anything happened this morning. I might have actually caught something...

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