Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 253: A Dreary Morning And A Glimmer Of Hope

A chilly morning on the Rahway River.
When: Friday, January 20th, from 7am to 7:30am
Where: The Rahway River, near the Trap and Skeet Range in Kenilworth, Union County, New Jersey
What: Fishing with waxworms
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 30 degrees, NW wind at 12mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.21in and rising
Moon: Waning, a day before new
Water Conditions: Cold and clear

I did my absolute best today, and even think I had a bite, but I really had no delusions about catching a fish. However, although today was another tally on one of the longer losing streaks I've had since the start, there is undoubtedly light at the end of the tunnel.

First off, this was the toughest week of fishing I've had to endure. I dealt with high winds, unsafe ice, thick ice and brutal cold. And I made it. I didn't catch any fish, but I did find a time and place to get my 30 minutes of fishing every day. That tells me that I can overcome almost any condition and gives me hope that I'll get through this winter. Also, it's been really darn cold and if all goes well, I'll be ice fishing this weekend for the first time since last winter.

Since I'm headed to Manhattan tonight, fishing had to be done BEFORE work, which is the ONLY reason that I woke up at 6am on a non-gym day. I knew every pond and lake was pretty much locked-up at this point, so I saved the nearby Rahway River to fish today. The spot was wide open even though the ponds I passed were solid ice, and I got my fishing under way. I didn't see any life, but I tried my best to put my waxworm in several places that a fish might be hiding. After 30 minutes, I left.

So, no fish, but tomorrow could be a much better day. It will be snowy, but Martalus is picking me up at 6am to go meet Jay and Redi to do some ice fishing. There are undoubtedly a few things that could throw a wrench in this plan, but I have a hunch it will be a better weekend of fishing. Also, it's looking to warm-up a bit next week, after which I'll be that much closer to putting this crazy winter behind me.

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  1. Fishing is fun and exciting but can be frustrating as well when you have spent almost half of the day trying to catch a fish and you went home empty-handed. My husband is into fishing that's why i know how it feels. But yes, tomorrow could be a much better day.