Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 249: Planning Accordingly

The wind was blowing into Ranger Cove today.

When: Monday, January 16th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), from 1pm to 3pm
Where: Round Valley Reservoir in Hunterdon County, New Jersey
What: Trout fishing with live shiners
Weather: 32 degrees, fair skies, S wind at 9mph and gusting to 17mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.59in and steady
Moon: Waning, just past the last quarter
Water Conditions: Cold and crystal clear

Every bone in my body wanted to go ice fishing today. I had pretty much given-up on that idea last night, but I still made a few phone calls this morning to see if I could pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute. The only place I knew that had 4-inches of ice was way up North in Passaic County and I don't know how to get on the lake because it's 95 percent private. There were also a few guys on Hopatcong today and I knew about this by noon, but I wasn't sure if these were the maniacs who go out on 2 inches of ice.

Bottom line is that I just wasn't about to waste the time, energy and gas to come up empty-handed.

Not to mention, it was a balmy 8-degrees this morning. I knew it was going to be bitter, but I also knew it was going to warm-up by the afternoon. So, instead of going fishing, I went to the gym while Mother Nature made it a bit more comfortable outside.

After the gym, I headed to see Jody at Lebanon Bait and Tackle for shiners. The last time I hit Round Valley with Brian, I scored a brown trout from Ranger Cove on a slip-sinker rig with 6-pound test fluorocarbon leader and a #6 hook. Jody confirmed that this was the way to do it, so off I went with a bucket full of medium shiners.

When I arrived at Ranger Cove, the wind was whipping. Still, I set out my two rods and waited.

And waited.

And got sick of the wind after an hour and headed to the boat launch area that I thought would be more sheltered. It was, kind of, but another hour without a bite and I was ready to go back home and put my pajamas on.

Which is exactly where I am right now.

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