Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 246: Winter Weather

Hiding in the woods behind Lake Nomahegan on a windy winter morning.

When: Friday the 13th of January, from 7am to 7:30am
Where: The back end on Lake Nomahegan in Cranford, Union County, New Jersey
What: Fishing with nightcrawlers
Weather: Light snow, rain and wind, 37 degrees, W wind at 26mph and gusting to 35
Barometric Pressure: 29.36in and starting to rise
Moon: Waning, 4 days past full
Water Conditions: High and dirty

This is why it pays to check the hourly forecast and plan accordingly.

A winter storm was moving through the Northeast today, and although we didn't get the worst of it, some crazy winds were going to be whipping. I was going to fish after work, but after checking the hourly forecast the night before it became apparent that my best opportunity to beat the blow was going to be first thing in the morning. I had an 8:30am meeting, but that gave me all the time in the world to sneak out to Nomahegan, shower, eat and get to my computer for said meeting.

It was already pretty breezy when I left home, so I decided to hit the back end of Nomahegan that was sheltered by the woods. In turn, I didn't have the wind to contend with, but the water was still high and dirty from Wednesday night's rain.

For the second day in a row, conditions were not great.

The nightcrawlers I had in the fridge were fading fast, so I used a few to "chum" the water in hopes of upping my chances. It didn't work.

No bites, no fish.

Still, I'm hopeful I can turn things around over the long holiday weekend. Martalus and I are going to hit the Garden State Outdoors Show in Edison tomorrow morning and then toss some lures in the canal afterwards. I'm not sure what Sunday will bring, but with the cold that's supposed to set in, I just might be on the ice come Monday...

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