Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 242: A Celebratory Lunch

Lunch in the park.

When: Monday, January 9th, from 12:30pm to 1pm
Where: Johnson Park Pond in New Brunswick
What: Fishin'
Weather: Fair skies, 34 degrees, S wind at 3mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.30in and falling
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Partly frozen, partly stained

Today ended a lot better than it started, albeit without any fish.

I guess I was really enjoying the weekend. Nice weather and pike fishing on Saturday followed by a relaxing Sunday without TOO much writing to do. I was not feeling going back to work.

After begrudgingly getting out of bed and throwing back some coffee, I wasn't feeling much better. Still, I made it out the door without too much trouble.

As it turned out, the owner of the business I was meeting with was a fisherman. I always enjoy meeting with my kind, because before we sit down to talk we usually shoot the breeze about our hobby and exchange stories. It turned out to be a fantastic way to start the week.

After my appointment, things were looking good. The sun had come out and I had some nightcrawlers in the cooler with my lunch.

In separate bags...of course.

As I approached Johnson Park Pond to eat my lunch, I immediately noticed the ice on it. Well, part of it. I had half a mind to fish the Raritan River since it was just a few yards from the pond, but I figured I'll save the moving water should the temperatures take a nose-dive this week.

I drowned a couple crawlers for 30 minutes, but nothing.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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