Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 217 (Fishing and Fishing Stuff): A Parting Shot And The Suick Thriller

All is quiet on Lake Nomahegan.

When: Thursday, December 15th, from 7am to 7:30am
Where: Lake Nomahegan
What: Fishing
Weather: Overcast, 48 degrees, South wind at 5mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.37in and falling
Moon: Waning, 5 days after full
Water Conditions: Stained

This will be the last time I have to fish in Union County for a few days. I'm not upset about that at all.

In fact, I'm totally stoked. Tomorrow I will be leaving on an incredibly exciting adventure and by the far the coolest thing that has come along in my short career as an outdoor writer. I can't say where I'm going, and that may have to even wait a week or two or three after I get back, but I can assure my readers it's pretty darn awesome.

It will be even better if we catch some fish.

It's a long way from drowning worms in a county park pond like I was doing this morning. I got out early today so I could get right to business and make the final preparations for my trip when my work day was over. I still had some crawlers in the fridge, so I took them to Nomahegan to see if I could catch a panfish or maybe even a bass. I got a few bites, but no fish.

Fish are no guarantee in December, but here is something you can use to catch one in honor of what I'll be doing this weekend.
This, my friends, is the Suick Thriller ( The Suick Lure Company has over 50 years experience making some of the finest handcrafted muskie baits available, and the Thriller is a staple in any serious muskie angler's tackle box. I'm no muskie pro....yet....but I can tell you that jerkbaits are the go-to for many coldwater anglers, and this is often the bait of choice.

Muskies will feed throughout the winter. They can be caught through the ice or in open water such as rivers or lakes and reservoirs that don't freeze. Cold water slows down the metabolism of fish, making them less reluctant to chase after prey. Forage species also become more scarce in the winter, so a large slow-moving meal like a jerkbait can be the perfect presentatoin for convincing a musky to strike.

The Suick Thriller is the quintessential jerkbait. It has a darting action unlike any other jerkbait out there, is handcrafted from the toughest wood in the forest and is finished with high-quality components and hooks. For anyone who wants to take a shot at open water fishing for musky in the winter, this lure would be a good place to start.

I'll be going with the flow this weekend, but I think it's safe to assume there will be a few Thrillers onboard.

I can't hardly wait.