Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 214: Sweet Victory

A nice...big.....MUSKY!!!!

When: Monday, December 12th, from 7am to 1pm
Where: Greenwood Lake
What: Fishing with Jay and Redi
Weather: Cold morning, 18 degrees, warmed-up to almost 40, Fog and mist turned to fair skies, wind varied from calm to SW at 6mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.56in in the morning, fell to 30.39in
Moon: Waning, a couple days after full
Water Conditions: Slightly stained, tea colored

I've been waiting for that picture up top for a long time.

Well, maybe it hasn't been THAT long, since I just started fishing for these brutes earlier in the year. I did want to catch a big muskie REALLY bad though, and that is what made this victory so sweet.

Jay and Redi took me out on Greenwood Lake to fish for walleye on Monday, but I was well aware of all the muskie they've hooked there over the last few months. The day started started off slow, and very cold, but I broke the ice with a small sunfish on a Binsky a couple hours into the morning. After that, Jay and Redi had back to back walleye and we began to pick away at yellow perch and white perch. Jay landed another small walleye and missed a couple more.

Just about noon, we were fishing on the north end of the submerged island. I was well aware that there was a 40-foot drop and a 10-foot weedbed to the right of me that most likely had a few muskie in it. So, when Jay said that he was going to motor to the other side, I tossed a lure off the back of the boat to troll and my rod was bent in half minutes later.

I knew it was no snag, and I knew it was a muskie.

I thought I may have misjudged the type of fish as I brought it to the boat rather easily. Then, just as we saw that it was indeed a musky the fish went ballistic. It dove straight under the boat and jumped out of the water on the other side behind my back. I don't know how it didn't get caught in the motor, but after a few more dives, it was landed, photographed and released unharmed.

I had to get off the water shortly after that, but Jay and Redi told me later they hooked two more musky that day that got off.

What a day.

This may be one of the, if not my greatest catch. These fish are the absolute apex predator in North American freshwater and probably the most difficult to catch. I've caught a few smaller ones this year, but I was still waiting for a big one. This qualifies in my book. Many freshwater anglers go their whole lives without landing one of these beasts. The way I see it, I'm only 33 and already off to a great start.

I have a hunch I'll get at least a few more of these photos in my lifetime.

Maybe even this weekend...

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