Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 211: Friday Night At The Park

The bullheads are still biting.
When: Friday, December 9th, from 6pm to 6:30pm
Where: Lower Echo Lake
What: Fishing
Weather: Partly cloudy, 46 degrees, SW wind at 3mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.22in and steady
Moon: Full
Water Conditions: Stained

I woke-up on Friday morning thinking it was going to be a


I knew I had some computer work to do, some phone calls to make and an appointment in the afternoon. That was all well and good, because I had plenty of time to get it done by 5 or 5:30pm and cruise into my 4-day weekend.


I got an email early in the morning that required me to do about an hour's worth of work by Monday at noon. Since there was a zero chance of me hauling my computer out to Greenwood Lake on Monday, it was going to have to be done today. I noticed my computer was running slow, so I went to restart it. As it turned out, it took about three hours for it to reboot, during which time I became increasingly more frustrated and skated dangerously close to having to cancel my afternoon appointment.


Then, sheer moments before I was going to punt my computer down the street, it came back to life, sparing both me and it from a gruesome fate. Only problem, was now I was WAY behind in my work. I had to put off everything that I needed to do BEFORE my appointment until AFTER my appointment, which ultimately kept me at my computer until about 9pm that night.

I did manage to sneak out during that time for 30 minutes of fishing.

I once again headed to Lower Echo Lake, hoping that a trout or two was hanging around and willing to bite. Once again, they were not, but I did get some more action from the bullheads and landed one right as I was about to leave.
There was a fabulous full moon, and with the eerie clouds and chill in the air, it was a creepy setting to end a crazy day.

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