Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 205: No Place Like Home

When: Saturday, December 3rd, from 4:20pm to 4:50pm
Where: The canal in Garwood
What: Fishin'
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 45 degrees, South wind at 6pmh
Barometric Pressure: 30.60in and steady
Moon: Waxing, a day after the first quarter
Water Conditions: Clear

I admit it. Fishing today was just a formality, although I did actually hook a sunfish that liberated itself before coming to hand.

Today was a special day for Lindsay and I. Although this will be our 4th Christmas together and our 3rd and cohabitors, the close confines of our previous apartment in Chilltown made squeezing in a Christmas Tree an insurmountable task.

But not this year.

Since moving out to the burbs has provided us with a little more elbow room, we went out and bought our first Christmas Tree today.

From a local small business for the record.

Our tree went up without incident, but I didn't want to spend too much time away from our home as the smell of turkey was emanating from the oven and there was decorating to be done. Plus, Pat is picking me up at 5am so we can go freeze our skulls off on the beach for a few hours and that's probably enough adventure for the weekend.

So, as Lindsay was prepping the lights, I walked down the block to see if I could hook a sunfish from the canal. For the record, there are few better ways to score some weird looks than to walk down a residential street holding a fishing rod and a quart of San Pellegrino that could just as easily pass for a bottle of champagne or a large container of malt liquor.

As I arrived at my spot, I did not see any signs of fish, which really makes me wonder where the heck they could have gone. After getting no bites or seeing signs of life, I walked to a few other access points in the neighborhood and tried them, all the while copping more bizarre looks from neighbors. At one point, I believe I may have even been scolded by a 7 year-old. For what reason, I'm not really sure.

I eventually made a big loop and wound up back at the place I started. While doing a little daydreaming about how many Christmases (is that a word?) Lindsay and I have been together, a small sunfish must have found my worm, but wiggled off the hook shortly after I lifted it from the water.

Shortly after that, the clock struck 30 minutes and I was on my back to the smell of turkey, my lovely lady and our first Christmas Tree.

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