Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 183: Halfway Home

Waiting for the carp at Verona Park Pond.
When: Friday, November 11th, from 6:30am to 7:15pm
Where: Verona Park Pond
What: A little carp fishing before getting a few last engagement photos taken
Weather: Partly cloudy, 42 degrees, N wind at 10mph gusting to 18
Barometric Pressure: 29.66in and rising
Moon: Just after full
Water Conditions: Cold and stained

Well, I'm halfway there. That's pretty exciting, although the next few months will undoubtedly be the most difficult part of this challenge in terms of weather conditions and being able to catch fish.

I shall do my best.

Friday, 11/11/11, wound up being one of the more eventful, exciting and successful days in recent memory, albeit without any carp. Lindsay and I had forgotten to get one very important picture when we took our engagement photos a couple weeks ago, so we made last minute plans with our wonderful photographer to get it done. Since Kristen lives right in Bloomfied, we made early AM plans to meet her in Verona Park. Since Linds and I had a 6 PM wedding to go to after work, it was also going to be necessary to get my fishing done that morning.

Quite a morning, but all went well.

We woke up before 5am and were out of the house by 6am. By 6:30am, the corn chum had been thrown into the water and lines were set shortly thereafter. I could see carp feeding nearby and I thought this was going to be my morning. However, after close to an hour of waiting....nothing.

I could have waited all morning, but there were plenty of other things to do.

After that, we grabbed a quick cup of coffee at a nearby D & D and were back minutes later. Kristen followed shortly thereafter.

We took the photos, then Linds drove my car while I wrote the previous day's blog. After arriving at Lindsay's office where she had left her vehicle the night before, I participated in an 8:45am virtual meeting before doing a quick-change in her builiding then heading off to the first of three appointments and later in the evening, a wedding.

Oh, did I mention that I was waking up at 3am on Saturday to go musky fishing with Gabe?