Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 181: Spur Of The Moment

When: Wednesday, November 9th, from 12pm to 12:30pm
Where: A tidal marsh near Port Reading
What: Fishin
Weather: Fair skies, 64 degrees, South wind at 7mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.08in and falling
Moon: Waxing, less than a day before full
Water Conditions/Tide: Looked like low tide, water was a bit muddy

First off, sorry for the lack of photography today. It wasn't until I was well on my way to my next appointment when I realized I forgot to snap a pic. There simply was not enough time, but I'm hoping everyone will forgive me.

Once again, 5:45am came and went with me still in bed and not taking advantage of the early sunrise. I had a couple late appointments on Wednesday and every intention of fishing in the dark, but the opportunity presented itself for me to get my 30 minutes mid-day. After checking-in with a few prospects in Port Reading, I passed a small "Wildlife Sanctuary" on my way through Woodbridge. Seeing as I was starving and had my sandwich in the cooler, I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a half-hour pit stop since it was going to be a late night at work.

I really didn't know what I expected to catch, but I guess I was hoping a stray, resident striper might be hanging around the brackish, tidal estuary. I'm sure the sun-drenched, mud banks were heating the water, so I tried tossing a Bomber Long A, then a Cotton Cordell Red Fin to see if I could entice a fish that was taking advantage of the warmth.

I did not.

This wasn't a total loss though, it just "was." I had a great day at work yesterday and I've been in the zone trying to make things happen.

I've said it once and I'll said it again. Fishing is a lot like life, which is a lot like sales...a series of dull, often frustrating events punctuated by moments sublime.

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