Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 174: Alive...But Still Not Well

The sun setting under clear skies on the D & R Canal.
When: Wednesday, November 2nd, from 5:30pm to 6pm
Where: The D & R Canal
What: Drowning shiners
Weather: Fair skies, 58 degrees, calm wind
Barometric Pressure: High, 30.39in
Moon: Waxing, First Quarter
Water Conditions: Stained

Well Andy, I tried.

I may be one of, if not the most stubborn fisherman I know. So, even though Andy frequently points out that I could change my luck at times by using live bait instead of artificial lures, I don't often listen to him.

I guess everyone has their breaking point.

After work, it was off to Effinger's to buy some shiners to toss in the canal. Unfortunately, even the live bait and a canal filled with smallies, largemouth and pickerel couldn't change my luck.

Another skunk, but I guess I'm saving the best for tomorrow. Make sure you stay tuned for that report.

In any event, it turned out that the actual getting of the bait proved to more worthwhile than actually using the bait.

When I was finishing my last semester at Rutgers College, I came in contact with someone named Braden, whose passion for fishing I immediately equated with my own. In the time that I knew him, we went fishing together exactly once, but it proved to be one of the more pivotal fishing adventures in my life.

Braden took me ice fishing on Lake Hopatcong. Up until that point in my life, ice fishing consisted of putting the tip-ups in and staring at them until a flag went up. That day, however, was quite different. When we got to Braden's house and he started organizing his gear, he lent me a jigging rod to use for the day. An hour or so later, on a frozen River Styx on Lake Hopatcong, I jigged my first fish through the ice.

Things have never been the same.

When I first saw Braden today, he wasn't quite sure if I remembered him, but of course I did. In fact, I've thought about him often.

And furthermore, I am looking forward to the day that I bumped into him again.

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