Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 170: Dedication

A snowy scene during a rare October winter storm

When: Saturday, October 29th, from 8:30am to 11:30am
What: Musky fishing with Nick
Weather: Snow, 37 degrees, NE winds 10mph and gusts to 20mph
Barometric Pressure: 30.11in and falling
Moon: Waxing, 3 days after new
Water Conditions: A little stained, 52 degrees

For the first time since starting this quest, I fished in the snow. I could have avoided this fate, but I wanted to catch a musky. So, instead of fishing close to home early on Saturday and then battening down the hatches, I met Nick near his home at 8am and off we went in search of the monster fish that continues to elude me.

We had not even launched the boat when it started to snow, and it continued to do so for the three hours that we were on the water.

Once on the water, we began to fish the perimiter of the lake in the freezing cold, snow and wind, but didn't see many signs of life. Still, we kept at it. I needed to meet someone back home by 2pm, so we didn't plan to be on the water that late, but we thougt we had a good shot at a fish with the approaching storm. I thought we were going to have a little more time before the storm hit and was hoping the "weatherstrologers" were brewing another farce, but there was no such luck.

As our day was coming closer to an end, Nick made a run to his truck for some new gloves. Regardless of the fact that we were onshore already, we headed out for a final 30 minutes or so.

This time out was a little more eventful.

After only a few minutes, I got a hit. I felt a huge bang on the end of my line and a massive swirl came up behind it, but no fish. The musky must have wound-up, swung and missed. Another disappointment.

But, it made for a cool story.

The way home was not as cool, taking me two hours of driving 40mph in the slow lane and seeing the people who had sped by me earlier crashed on the shoulder.

It wasn't the best day to be on the road, but it was once again a great day on the water.

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