Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 164: A Noticeable Lack Of Giants

Lake Nomahegan is looking a little low these days.
When: Sunday, October 23rd, from 2pm to 4pm
Where: Lake Nomahegan
What: Carp fishing
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 61 degrees, calm wind
Barometric Pressure: 30.09in and steady
Moon: Waning, almost new
Water Conditions: Low

Well, the fall is not panning out like I'd hoped it would. However, since I'm really only looking for one trophy fish over the next month or two, I'm really only one fish shy of my goal.

The monster musky still eludes me, and it seems like the carp have been giving me some trouble lately as well.

Such is fishing.

Having not fished enough already this week (can you ever fish enough?), I woke up early on Sunday with a fierce determination to get my writing done so I could go out for a couple hours and try to catch a carp. Although I was successful with the former, the latter did not work out too well.

I sat at my computer from 9am and did not really get up until after 1pm. When I did, it was straight to Nomahegan, corn in hand.

I took a lap around the lake to look for the telltale signs of feeding carp, but saw none.

This did not make me hopeful. I gave it as long as I could and had a few love-taps, but most likely not from carp.

I headed back home.

And back to work.

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